About Me

Hi, I'm Tracey and I live in Maidstone, Kent.

I've always had a dream of having my own coffee shop, selling the best local baked goods available (including my own) and superb coffee. Sadly that's not going to happen at this time. 

So I have decided to brave it out there in the online world and offer my delicious delights to people who enjoy an indulgent treat or need a celebration cake.

Previously I worked for the biggest global coffee chain for 10.5 years at a senior level but that's a distant memory. However that time has never left me and I need to fill that gap. Who doesn't love great coffee and a sweet treat?

My baking journey has taken me from tray bakes to wedding cakes. My passion is to create the best cakes whatever the occasion and I just love to be creative.

I am passionate about food, especially as a mum of 3 and a Grandma of 2. I like to make people happy; I'm a feeder. 

I have poured my heart into this, so I hope you like what you see and taste.

Tracey x